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You can control 100% of your product at the beginning of the process chain.

This way you are able to provide 100% transparency for your customers.

100% control of typical defects occuring in the printing industry

Our systems are easy to use and highly efficient. FUTEC provides defect detection systems for every stage of the process chain. We have developed a plug-and-play system with very easy integration specifically for the job of surface inspection. It concentrates on detecting defects and foreign objects on plain material. All relevant information can be monitored via a web browser, allowing the operator to determine the exact location of any defect.

Knowing about all possible printing defects and faults is a good start. Using that knowledge is the next step on the path towards a perfect surface.

Our cameras can see what your eyes can‘t see

Our cameras detect defects which human eyes can’t see.
FUTEC 100% surface detection and inspection works for many plain materials:

Blown film extrusion

Functional film

General purpose plastic


Non woven

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Defects and foreign objects on plain material

The camera is constantly monitoring the surface of the plain material for any kind of defects or foreign objects.

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