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Finding the right 100% inspection system: a balancing act?

Finding the right 100% inspection system: a balancing act?

In the printing industry nowadays, 100% inspection system are the state of the art. With the increased demand over the last few years, the number of suppliers has also grown. For the print house owner, this is a positive in that prices for such technology have decreased dramatically. On the other hand, it seems that more and more printers are struggling with a balancing act to find the system that best fits their needs.
There are technical aspects which have to be considered. Does the highest camera resolution automatically detect the smallest defects? How flexible is the system in adapting to customer needs? What is the difference between software-based and hardware-based image processing? Why is an LED cooling device needed for supplier A’s inspection unit but not for supplier B’s system? And the list goes on.
This decision becomes even trickier when the focus move to the question: “How much waste will my inspection system generate?” Here, the next balancing act comes around the corner. The sensitivity should be high enough not to miss relevant print defects, but on the other hand, acceptable irregularities should not create false alarms with the consequential waste of more material.
But this is not the end of the line. No printing company wants to waste valuable production time by setting up a highly sophisticated system which needs to be operated by an IT specialist. Therefore, an easy-to-operate user interface with intuitive functions is required.
More than 40 years ago, we at FUTEC developed our first 100% inspection system. Since that time, we have specialized in this technology. Even in times when customers requested the one-stop-shop solution, we have stayed true to our philosophy. This is exactly what our customers appreciate.
With our latest generation of label inspection system, we have tried to combine all the above-mentioned requirements into one masterpiece. To learn more about our new FUTEC label inspection system, please visit us at label expo in Brussels from 24th to 27th September (Booth 11A20). Additionally, we offer our customers the opportunity to arrange an appointment for their personal samples test in our office in Duisburg. To book appointments for either, please send an e-mail to: sales@futeceurope.com