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The end of sleepless nights for security label printers

The end of sleepless nights for security label printers

Printing security labels is a highly sensitive task. This category of labels is used in several fields such as ID cards, bank documents, labels on pharmaceutical products and tax labels. The aim is to protect products against piracy and to have full control over the individual product. The function of the label ranges from providing the serial number and expiry date to giving information about the concentration of active substances.
For the print house, it is akin to doing the splits. It is necessary to check the print quality of special print designs such as holograms at the same time as checking and managing all variable data such as sequence numbers or multiple 1-D and 2-D codes. This is the point at which the wheat is separated from the chaff.
Conventional inspection systems are either able to inspect the print quality of special print designs or they can handle a certain variety of data. The new FUTEC label inspection system does both. While the whole print design is checked out, the system is additionally reading, comparing and managing all data in two ways: 1) reading the data and displaying the information; 2) reading the data and comparing with a csv file. The sophisticated statistic functions give the operator full control.
With this new system in place, your sleepless nights come to an end. Have we aroused your curiosity?
To learn more about this and other new fantastic features of the new FUTEC label inspection system, please visit us at label expo in Brussels from 24th to 27th September (Booth 11A20). Additionally, we offer our customers the opportunity to arrange an appointment for their personal samples test in our office in Duisburg. To book appointments for either, please send an e-mail to: sales@futeceurope.com