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Open Sesame, or the modern way of opening a gate

Open Sesame, or the modern way of opening a gate

When we heard the fairy tale, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, back in our childhood, we learned about the importance of opening a gate at the right time. Nowadays we can find a similarity in the printing industry.
Opening the gate at the right moment will save print houses from delivering defective products to their customers. On the other hand, having the gate open only for as long as is really necessary will save the printing company money by reducing waste material.
With our best-in-class gate function, the Futec system not only sends a signal to the discharging unit installed downstream, it will also cluster the repeat length into segments. This clustering helps to determine more precisely the location of defects and releases a signal to open the gate together with a status signal for the earliest moment to close it again.
Whenever a defect is detected within one cluster, the Futec system will provide the open gate signal at the position of the front end of the cluster, when this cluster has reached the discharging unit.
The sophisticated gate function is the next step in the direction of fully automated production processes.
To learn more about this and other new fantastic features of the Futec inspection systems, please visit us at label expo in Brussels from 24th to 27th September (Booth 11A20) or at DRUPA 2020 in Düsseldorf from 16th to 26th June 2020. Additionally, we offer our customers the opportunity to arrange an appointment for their personal samples test in our office in Duisburg. To book appointments, please send an e-mail to: sales@futeceurope.com