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How much waste you produce with your 100% inspection system?

How much waste you produce with your 100% inspection system?

As 100% inspection in the printing industry becomes more and more standard, the amount of waste material also has increased. A good inspection system should be sensitive enough to recognize defects that are barely perceptible to the human eye. On the other hand, this will cause trouble for the print houses, as they will automatically produce more waste due to the increased number of fake defects.
One option for offsetting this is to decrease the sensitivity of the system. This is a dangerous procedure, as important defects can be missed and inferior material will be sent to the customer.
To avoid this, FUTEC developed a new label inspection system with best-of-class software algorithms and features. The aim was to keep system sensitivity at the highest level while dramatically reducing the number of fake defects at the same time.
One of these new revolutionary features is our “automatic position alignment”.
The system automatically selects a minimum of 36 reference points per repeat length. Of course, the operator can either select the reference points manually or add additional reference points.
False defects that occur due to expansion, contraction, distortion or deformation of the web are minimized. Even a rotation of 180° will be ignored as long as the upside-down label doesn’t show any real print defect.
To learn more about this and other new fantastic features of the new FUTEC label inspection system, please visit us at the label expo in Brussels from 24th to 27th September at Booth 11A20. Additionally, we offer our customers the opportunity to arrange an appointment for their personal samples test in our office in Duisburg. To book appointments for either, please send an e-mail to: sales@futeceurope.com